Editoriale Global Times dopo attacchi a Bruxelles

Brussels attacks expose vulnerable Europe

A series of explosions hit Brussels, Belgium at its airport and on the metro on Tuesday. This is the second terrorist attack on a major European metropolis after that on Paris last November. Headquartered by the EU and over a hundred international organizations, Brussels serves as a hub of civilizations, and has a large African immigrant community. It was trampled on during two world wars, and now terrorism becomes a new threat.
A few days ago, several suspects in the Paris attacks were captured in Brussels, so it is believed to be a revenge attack. Terrorists launch such attacks quite frequently in war-torn and turbulent regions, but when Brussels has to face it, the city is unable to stop the scourge of craziness.
Europe is becoming a magnet for terrorism. Terrorists from outside and extremists from inside are taking concerted actions to instigate instability. The EU has gone a long way in integration, but security is a weak link, leaving a modernized EU vulnerable in face of terror.
After 9/11, the US has effectively reinforced its homeland security, pushing all anti-terrorist wars beyond its borders. Washington has stirred troubles in the Middle East, destroyed its regional architecture, and intensified tensions between the Sunni and Shia.
From the collapse of the Soviet Union to the rising turmoil in the Middle East, Europe has gone through a lot of pain inflicted by the changes in the global political landscape. However, after a number of terror attacks, this region does not seem prepared to deal with terrorism. The collective anti-terrorist front is more a show than a real thing. Most countries, startled by the very fact of terrorism, are inclined to take unilateral actions to defend their own interests. Europe is increasingly split on the migrant crisis, which is reflected by the fact that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her embrace of migrants, but lost ground in three German states during the recent regional election.
Terror is pushing European civilization to a dangerous end. Xenophobic ultra-right forces are gaining popularity with Europeans. The tendency will put people with immigrant backgrounds into a more disadvantaged situation, where terrorists will have their way. It becomes increasingly difficult to stop this tendency.
The EU is still bogged down in troubles caused by the financial crisis in 2008. Feeling discouraged and hobbling forward, the EU might find the recurrence of these terror attacks the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Not since the end of World War II has Europe been so disturbed and confused.
Geopolitics is given a lot of attention, but terrorism can make an unprecedented sensation on the global stage. A modern and open international community has not figured out a panacea to counter terrorism. Terrorism will probably become an arch enemy of all mankind, who do not have much leeway but should confront it face to face.